You're here for a reason aren't you?

• You’re a solid singer and a skilled performer Or if you’re not that yet, you know you could be. 

•You’re the give-it-your-all, go-above-and-beyond kind of hard worker that every successful group needs. 

You’re ready.
You’re ready to take some risks.
You’re ready to shake up your singing and performing. 
You’re ready to step into the singer you’re meant to be!

And ?

You’re frustrated.
You’re frustrated from feeling held back in your singing.
You’re frustrated from not knowing what songs work best for you.
You’re frustrated from lacking the skills you need to sing the way you want.

But   lately ?


You're in the right place.

Welcome to

M.J. JOhnson Voice studio

I’m M.J., and I’ve spent my entire adult life as a performer, music director, 
pianist, voice teacher, and vocal coach.* 

If you’re ready to take the next big steps in your singing journey, I can  help.

This studio ? It’s about...

the tween or teen longing to be on stage 

the adult looking to level up their performance game 

The pro hoping to hone their audition repertoire 

Put simply, I help vocalists achieve their performance goals  through private lessons and coachings in a motivating, energizing, and supportive studio environment.

* not sure what the difference between a voice teacher and a vocal coach is? Voice teachers do technical voice work; vocal coaches work style from behind a piano. 



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Kati Pearson

“M.J. has been my voice teacher for several years now and I can't say enough good about her. Working with M.J. has increased my confidence and ease in my high belt and high head voice work. She is a supportive, smart, and caring teacher. I am a better performer and arts educator thanks to her guidance.”

Sally hall

“My daughter Belle studying singing with MJ remotely. During Belle’s time under her tuition,  Belle passed Grades 3 & 5 singing exams (both with distinctions) and secured the main role of Annie in Annie the musical, which really was a direct reflection of MJ’s brilliant teaching. MJ is calm, patient, inspiring and hugely knowledgeable. She went above and beyond to support Belle in every way. We stopped lessons with MJ purely due to circumstances, but Belle continues to practise the techniques MJ taught her and remains inspired by her teaching.” 

“I have studied voice with M.J. since 2013, and have made significant progress since I began. I am now able to sing songs that I could never dream of singing before.
M.J. is very intuitive and focused in her approach to teaching, and has a deep understanding of singing and how to make her student sound better. She has an uncanny diagnostic ability to know what you have to do to improve and then communicates that in ways that are easy to understand and apply.  M.J. was sensitive to the vocal insecurities that I had when I began and helped me to successfully overcome them. She instills confidence in me and continues to inspire me to be a better singer.”

Rick Schiralli

Belle Lemieux-Chan 

“The vocal knowledge MJ has taught me during lessons has been invaluable. With her outstanding guidance and encouragement, I have strengthened not only my voice, but my vocal versatility and ability to connect to pieces on a deeper level. She has changed my life and I feel so privileged to have been taught by her.”

“Meeting M.J. at a weekend workshop when my daughter was only 10 years old, was the luckiest thing that could have happened to us. While M.J. already had a ton of experience and training; she was just starting out with her private voice studio. We feel honoured and fortunate to have been one of her earliest and longest running students. For the past seven years, M.J. has lovingly and carefully guided my daughter to be a wonderfully confident and safe singer. My daughter gets as many compliments on her technique as she does her voice, and I’m grateful for all she has been taught. My daughter has since graduated high school, and was accepted to her first choice post-secondary program in Musical Theatre. I can’t wait to watch her soar! Thank you M.J. for preparing her for the world!”

Donna Leader 

“Working with M.J was the perfect balance between technical work and workshopping fun pieces. M.J is the perfect voice teacher no matter where you are in your vocal journey, the various techniques and tools used in her teachings were perfectly tailored to me and my voice type and the goals I was trying to achieve. M.J helped me gain even more confidence in my voice and provided a safe space to make mistakes and work through daunting vocal territory. Thanks M.J. <3”

ethan Berkeley-Garcia

Gabriella Macerollo

“Having lessons with MJ the past few years has had an extremely valuable impact on my voice and knowledge/preparedness as a singer. She is patient, yet passionate at what she does & is always encouraging her students to step out of their comfort zones & believe in themselves. Without her guidance, I would not be close to where I am as a vocalist today. I would highly recommend her to absolutely anyone looking at getting more vocal training!”

Ellen Brisley

“M.J. is a committed, kind, and fun teacher. Since we started working together my acting skills have improved and I’m learning to belt! I feel more confident, passionate, and versatile as a singer. I would absolutely recommend the studio! Having M.J. as a dedicated and consistent teacher has given me structure to my singing journey.”

Julia Raza

“Since M.J. and I have been working together, I have noticed growth in my voice and I feel more confidence in my acting and singing skills. She is supportive, fun, and super kind. I would definitely recommend M.J. Johnson Voice Studio because it is a comfortable environment to learn in and she constantly encourages us to be better and helps to build confidence in our voice capabilities.”

Sebastian Mateus 

“If you ever get the chance to study with MJ, just do it. Working with MJ has allowed me to find much needed confidence in my voice. She always finds new and creative solutions to whatever roadblock I might be having and she never settles for anything less than my best. MJ has a great combination of constantly pushing me to give more while always being a nurturing teacher. I have learned so much and have worked on so many interesting pieces that I never pictured myself doing before!  I always feel solid going into an audition after having worked on the material with MJ, and have more than once surprised myself with the finished product. Just trust her and the rest will come.” 

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